Paying Euro supplier invoices in GBP

We have paid supplier invoices which are in Euros, from our GBP bank account. When reconciling them, I tried to use the reverse of the process I use for sales invoices - ie enter the amount paid in GBP and the full Euro amount so that the invoice is paid in full.

However, on a purchase, the system changes the euro amount to match what I enter into the gbp field and vice-versa. If I tick ‘paid in full’ it does the same conversion, so the amount shown as paid doesn’t match what actually left our bank account.

How should I handle this?



If you’re paying a EUR purchase invoice from a GBP bank account you would go to the invoice, click to log a payment and you will then see the following dialogue box. Here you can leave the full invoice amount in EUR and the converted GBP amount which will appear on the GBP bank account.

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