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Paying for a purchase by Credit Card

I have just started using Quickfile and have paid for some goods by credit card. I have created a new purchase for the item, but I am not sure how to fill out the payment details. Paid From do I select credit card and Method do I select credit card.

If you have a auto bank feed for your credit card enabled or you will upload a bank statement then don’t use the “paid” function on your purchase screen. When the transactions comes through tag it from your credit card account (in quickfile) to that invoice.
If you enter every transaction manually to your credit card account (in quickfile) then you can use the “paid” function. In that case, yes, you use credit card in both field, whereas “paid from” is the important field

Thanks for your advice. I am currently entering transactions manually, but intent to set up auto bank feed for credit cards and will also upload bank statements as I think it will speed up transactions.

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