Paying invoices from a created bank account

Is there a way that exists, or that can be created, to pay an invoice from a created bank account? I’m a surveyor with a client account. It would be really helpful to be able to specify that the invoice is being paid from my client account.


Can’t you just create a client bank account, input a new transaction in the client account and then tag it against the particular invoice?


No, unfortunately not. There isn’t the option. Just double checked.

You create a new bank account from the bank overview screen:

Enter a transaction:

Then tag it:

Not sure exactly what you’re trying to do here? Can you provide more detail please?

Which part can’t you do?

Once the client bank account has been created as Glenn has shown above, you can go to the invoice in question, “Log a Payment” and select the Client Account from the drop down box in the “Paid To”

Sorry not to be clear. I understand you can log an invoice payment to a client account. I don’t think you can log an invoice as paid FROM a client account to the main current account.

At the moment, I can log the payment manually to the account so it balances the account and is shown as a payment into the current account, but it’s not reflected in the P&L

I’m not sure if I fully understand. You issue a sales invoice and your client pays you. So, you log the invoice payment to the client account. You now want to show the invoice as being paid from the client account to the main current account. Can you not use a transfer between the client account and the current account and in the yellow bubble on the current account add a note to say which invoice this relates to?

The scenario is I sell assets of behalf of my client - an asset sale invoice. I log the proceeds of sale going into the client account - not on an invoice so I don’t complicate things. Then, I take a % fee (the transfer to the current account) and do a bank transfer for the balance to my client.

I could reflect my fee in an invoice, but it doesn’t “pull” the money over from the client account. That’s the primary issue. Hence my question as to whether there is a way to pay invoices from one account to another.

Hi Matt,

When you pay your client the money owed to him by bank transfer, what are you categorizing the money as (or tagging)?

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