Paying more than one purchase at a time

If I’m paying more than one purchase with one payment, how do I get the bank account to show that one payment rather than each individual amount of each purchase? Thanks.

You could use a “dummy” bank account where you record each purchase. tagged to the purchase invoices. Then you record the whole sum (all purchases together) as a transfer between bank accounts from your current bank account to your “dummy” bank account.
Hope this helps

Yes, I was going to do that if all else fails but do the developers of this app really think that we pay all invoices from a supplier one at a time? Not really well thought out IMO.

If its the same supplier with multiple invoices then what you do is click the tag button, select pay down multiple invoices, select the supplier. This will show all outstanding invoices for that supplier just tick each invoice the payment relates to.

Thank you Paul. Is this functionality included in the free version as I don’t seem to be able to do this. Thank.

Sorry I missed a step. Click tag, then select payment from a customer then click pay multiple invoices

Sounds like you are logging payments from each purchase invoice and letting it create the transactions from that?

If you were to use bank feeds or upload transactions there wouldn’t be multiple transactions on the bank account. Maybe if you didn’t use the software in the most difficult way possible you wouldn’t have to make up issues that don’t exist?

@Lurch First of all, I can’t use bank feeds as my bank is not compatible. But in any case, if you can’t offer a solution, then I would appreciate it if you could refrain from making unhelpful and snarky little comments, thank you very much.

@lurch does have a point however.

My answer was on the assumption that you had running bank account transactions to tag from.

But if you are marking them paid from the supplier area then my answer won’t work.

If your bank doesn’t support open banking you can still upload the statements you can download from your bank.

Then it’s as simple as tagging the payment against the invoices as previously mentioned.

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