Payment allocation against sales invoice

We have a payment dated 4 July 2017, which is paying an invoice which is dated 5 July 2017. In the list of invoices the one it refers.

The list of invoices only goes up to 21 June 2017, but there are many invoices after this date?

This is not the first time this has happened - so in the end I’ve go to the invoice and logged a payment from there and then deleted the payment in the bank account, which seems wrong to have to do.

Thank you.

Hi @Warmergroup

Can I check that the invoice hasn’t been archived? The invoice list by default shows all invoices that aren’t archived or deleted.

The other thing to check is that you don’t have any filters applied through the advanced search on this page.

Does it offer you the right invoice if you use the “pay down multiple…” option?

Hi Ian - this is the option I am talking about - it’s not listed there.

Hi @Warmergroup

The invoice list on the ‘pay down multiple’ screen, I believe, shows 50 invoices for that specific client.

Do you have more than 50 invoices outstanding?

Hi - yes we do - that is correct

We’re not able to extend the list for more than 50 unfortunately. You can however do it from the invoice directly using the ‘Log Payment’ option.

If you want to pay down multiple invoices not shown on the list, you would need to:

  1. Use the ‘pay down multiple’ option
  2. Select the ‘assign to account’ option. This adds it as credit against that client
  3. Go to the individual invoices you wish to pay down and use ‘Log Payment’
  4. Tick the box to ‘pay from credit’

This will reduce the credit balance (prepayments) on a first in, first out basis.

Hi - this won’t work very well - and the payments are uploaded directly - so will have to be deleted and re-input. Are you able to put this as an upgrade to show more than 50 - or to show different sections of amounts outstanding - e.g. current versus old.

We can certainly consider this and look into it further if there’s a wider support from the community. Would you mind starting a feature request thread for this please?

No need to delete them. Simply click ‘Pay down multiple invoices’ and assign them to credit, which you will find at the bottom:

Then, when it comes to paying an invoice, click ‘Log Payment’ and use the ‘Apply from Credit’ option:

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