Payment due date on suppliers credit note

As a bonus, one of my suppliers issued a credit note to cancel their first invoice. Therefore, on the invoice screen, I used More Options → Credit Note to create the credit note to cancel the invoice and entered the same date as the invoice. When I clicked on Save Details got the message: “Please enter a payment due date.” There is no box in the form to enter that “payment due date”, only credit note date.

I managed to cancel the invoice by creating a Cash Pre-payment from the supplier and then applying that to the invoice but it does not look to me as the correct solution. The point is that More Options → Credit Note on a supplier’s invoice does not seem to work?

Hi @IdaB,

Had the invoice already been paid? I have not been able to replicate this error when testing

Hi Beth,

When I wrote the topic the invoice was unpaid. But after been paid from cash the problem still exists. I tried with other invoices as well. See screenshot attached.

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Hi @IdaB,

I reported this to the dev team but they have been unable to replicate this. It may be an extension on your browser interfering with the form.

Have you tried clearing your cookies/cache or using a different browser?

We could process the credit note on your behalf if you need us to, we would just need you to confirm whether the CN should be held on account or refunded to a bank account (if so what bank account)?

Hi @IdaB,

Just a follow up to see whether you are still experiencing this issue?