Payment for sales invoice

I have started producing sales invoices for the first time. A customer has paid his invoice. I cannot find where I post the payment to the sales ledger to ensure the sales invoice is marked paid

There are several routes you can take. If you have an automatic feed from your bank account then you can just tag the money in transaction when it shows up on the feed as “payment from a customer”. If they’ve paid cash or if you don’t use bank feeds then you can just go to the invoice preview page and use the “log payment” button at the top - doing it this way will create a pre-tagged money in transaction on the selected bank account, which is why I don’t recommend this route if the account has a feed as it’ll create duplicates.

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The whole point of QF is to give you a business based interface which doesn’t require knowledge of accounting jargon. All the ledger transactions are delt with under the covers.

As Ian says simply flag the invoice as paid or tag the entry in your bank account if you are using a bank feed.

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