Payment form PayPal balance

I paid Vodahost for domain registration in USD.
The amount in USD was paid from my USD Paypal balance, so nothing comes out of my current account.
How do I log payment for this. If I tag from Paypal account it’s converting it to GBP

TIA for any help

Hi @Stephie

Just wanted to confirm a few details if I can.

You mention it was paid from your USD PayPal Balance - do you have this balance recorded anywhere in QuickFile at the moment?

Hi, no the USD balance is not showing at the moment as I’ve only just linked the Paypal account.
It will show once I add payment from clients that paid in USD. Does it help if I do that first.?

If you were to add the prepayment to their account first, that will make it available for any invoices for that client. So it may be best to do it that way around.

Let me know if you need any help with this :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your help, I will take a look at that.
I may be back :slight_smile:

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Am I right in that when you bring in a Paypal feed you can only default it to one currency.
If so, would it work and would I be able to set up two Paypal accounts, one I each currency. GBP and USD as I regularly get payment in each.
Thinking it might then be better to enter all the transactions manually instead of using the feed.

Hi @Stephie,

Each ‘bank’ account needs a default currency whether you have a feed or not. So you would need to choose the currency most relevant. The transactions not in that currency would then be converted

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