Payment Notification email when received via Stripe

I am aware of sending notification to clients when bank tagging an invoice.
but when they pay via Stripe, it gets actioned automatically & I can’t see how to send them an PNE?

I’ve looked in the cient area, veiwed the paid invoice & the payment log SP???, but can’t find an option in any of the drop downs.

Do they get anything from Stripe? how can I do it?

Hi @outdoors

Please accept my apologies, but I’m not sure what you mean by PNE and SP?

Sorry PNE (Payment notification email)
& when you veiw a paid invoice, there is a message at the top saying a payment has been attributed to this invoice #SP0002 (SP). When this is clicked it opens and still can’t see an option to send an email.

The sending of the notification email is part of the process of logging the payment, there’s no way to send a notification email from within QuickFile for a payment that was logged at an earlier point.

I believe Stripe has an option to send a “receipt” when payment is made but I don’t know whether this is available as part of the particular integration that QuickFile uses.

The option is set in the API so it depends on how QF set up their interface with Stripe.

When a client logs in to pay an invoice, we do pass the email address of that user across to Stripe for a receipt to be sent.

If you check your Stripe account, and specifically the payment made via QuickFile, it should show who this was sent to.

Thanks Mathew & the other replies above.

Yes I’ve found the some settings in Stripe that help.

For other users benefit:

When looking at a payment detail it shows a receipt that was created, although it doesn’t mean it’s been sent. That has to be switched on in settings.
You can put your ‘brand’ on a payment receipt, but you can’t include any thanks message/text.

Not as good as QF email, but at least it’s an option & can be automated.

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