Payment options by invoice

Is there a way that payment options can be configured by specific invoice/ recurring invoice profile?

Most of my clients are on a subscription - I send a recurring invoice for which I stipulate Go Cardless direct debit only and don’t want to give the option of paypal… but then I may need to send a client a single invoice for a ‘one-off’ additional service that they have ordered… and they some times want to pay these by credit card via paypal.

At the moment I can only find a way of configuring payment options at the client level…

Many thanks

I’m not sure I completely follow if I’m honest, but I’ll give it a go!

With a one off invoice, there’s an option to enable/disable payment options available to a client. On the invoice summary screen, tick the box that you want this to apply to, and click ‘More Options’

Select ‘Pay online’

And then you can change the payment options available using the on/off buttons:

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