Payment Sense MOTO / ECOM integration

We use Payment Sense to process card payments over the telephone, and would be interested in being able to automatically import transactions.

I can provide their developer documentation if that helps.

We attempted to reach out to PaymentSense in January but regrettably nobody replied. I think at the time they had some staff shortages. We are interested in integrating with PaymentSense, we just need to kick things off by having a chat with one of the developers. If anyone can ping me a contact that would be a great help.

I will talk to our account manager, and see if he will get people talking at their end.

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I have spoken to our account manager, and he’s tentitivley interested, he has asked me for a way that he can get in touch with you.

Thanks @radiohafren, you can give him my email address,

I am pleased to announce that we have now launched our integration with PaymentSense. You can find the configuration options to setup PaymentSense in Account Settings >> Manage payment options.

The PaymentSense integration works like the other electronic payment methods, so once you have it set up in Quick File, it will appear as an option for your clients when they go in to view and pay their invoices.

I apologise it looks like a development setting found it’s way into the live release. I will pass this on and we’ll likely have this fixed later today.

All looks good. Just tried another test sale and this time I was redirected to my account after the sale was made.
All good.


Actually hang on,

Im getting the message: “Always create a separate merchant account for depositing Paymentsense payments”

Then when I try to create the holding account I get a message telling me that the account already exists please enter a unique account number. I assume that it means my bank account number so how can I enter a new unique one?

I think you might be selecting the wrong option somewhere as there is nowhere to enter an account number when I create a holding account for PaymentSense.