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Payment terms incorrect on bulk invoice entry

When using the bulk invoice entry option, the Payment terms field is populating in the Additional notes field instead on the invoice.

When creating and invoice manually, or from a recurring invoice template, the payment terms are correctly populated, so seems to be something specific to the bulk invoice entry option.

Hi @Mark_Snook

Are you uploading a file for the bulk invoices? I’m just making sure that i’m following the same steps to replicate the error

No it is using the ‘bulk invoice entry’ on the ‘Sales’ menu.

Hi Mark,

Thank you for confirming this - with the payment terms where have these been entered, do you have a default set per client?

They are set up on in Settings → Invoice settings. Template name is ‘Standard’ and the terms are put in the ‘Default Invoice Terms’ field.

Hi @Mark_Snook

Thank you for confirming, it appears to be swapping the additional notes with the payment terms box. I have replicated this and have passed this on to the development team

Hi @Mark_Snook

This issue was fixed and the update went out last night. I have just checked and it appears to be working correctly.

Please let us know if you are still seeing any issues :slight_smile:

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