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Payment terms on re-occurring invoices


I can not seem to get my payment terms to show on my re-occurring invoices, any ideas?

Thanks in advance.


Hi @Gavin_Bonser

Do you mean the text at the bottom of the invoice, or the actual payment terms (as in date)?


the text at the bottom


Thanks for confirming. Are you able to input text and/or import the default terms on the template, or is it just that they’re not appearing on the preview? What about an invoice created from the template - does this carry the terms across?


they are appearing on the preview but not there on the customers view


So if i click into reoccurring invoices and select any one, the details are there, but my customer has shown me what they receive and its not there.


@Gavin_Bonser - Let me send you a private message to get some more details


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