Payment Terms Settings

I have a couple of suggestions regarding the payment terms setting.
We have customers that insist on paying to 60 days from the end of the month. I know there’s an option to select end of the month + 1, but can we add an option for 60 days from the end of the month or end of month + 2?

It would also be very helpful to us if we could make bulk changes to customers payment terms/credit limits as when we uploaded our customer details to QuickFile via CSV, there’s no ability to set payment terms. This means we have to manually change each customers payment terms from the default 14 days. I could imagine for users with many customers to upload, this task would be very time consuming…



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I don’t believe we’ve had this suggestion before regarding EOM + 2 payment terms. As with other feature requests we will leave this open to gauge any further support from the community.

Are you looking to update all clients with the same terms? We do have a tool on our side that can update all customer payment terms in bulk but only by applying one value across all clients, not sure if that would help?

How do you do this please. I would like to change all our client terms to 0 days without having to go through each client individually

I am also looking to change my clients to 0 days in bulk. Could I know how to do this please.


If you could send a private message to @QFSupport with your QuickFile account number and confirm the payment terms you’d like across all accounts we can take a look at changing this for you

Maybe I am wrong but you can set the default settings for payment terms on your invoice customisation screen

Or do you mean something different?

Hi @rhc

You can set it on the invoice but you can also set defaults for clients - if all clients have different terms and you want to streamline these to all have the same then it needs to be done by one of the development team

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Ah, okay :grinning:. Thanks Beth