Payment terms to show variable days depending on client settings

Hi, most of my clients are set to pay within 14 days, however a few big customers are set to 30 days. Is it possible on within the Payment terms text on my invoices to insert this as a field? So for some customers it will pickup 14 days and others it will show 30 days depending on what I have put in the client details

Hi @Johanna_Logan

I assume you mean inserting this into another box on the invoice such as the payment terms or notes box? It’s not possible to do this at the moment.

However, the due date at the top of the invoice will always default to that set for the client when you first select them. You could, perhaps, refer to the ‘due by date’ in these notes, which is what other users are doing at the moment.

E.g. “Payment must be cleared by the due date shown on the invoice”

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