Payment to supplier split across two currencies, how to allocate

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I used a Wise card in the USA to buy something, and it paid partly from my US account and partly from my UK account, so I’ve got two bank entries relating to this payment, neither being the full amount. I can allocate the USD payment to that purchase without problem, however when I try and allocate the GBP payment to it it goes into a credit instead. How can I “pay” the USD debt with the GBP bank entry?

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Instead of tagging the bank account transaction, go to the USD purchase and “log payment”, selecting the GBP bank account. This way you should be able to enter the corresponding GBP amount and it’ll log as a cross-currency payment with the exchange rate derived from the exact USD and GBP amounts you gave it.

The only slight wrinkle is that this will create a new pre-tagged transaction in the GBP account that duplicates the untagged one from your bank feed, but you can just delete the untagged version to get the balance back in line.

Hello @ian_roberts,
Thanks, that was going to my fallback option if there was no other option! A bit frustrating that this isn’t done automatically, but it wasn’t too painful to do it manually.
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