Payments allocated via Receipt Hub

Hi, not too sure if anybody else is having this problem but over the last 2 to 3 months I have suddenly been getting balances on my Creditors Control Account whereas in the past this has never happened. I am an accountant so have a strong Accounting knowledge and have been using your product for many years however when I have posted Supplier Invoices on occasions and immediately recorded the payment I have landed up with a balance on my Creditors control account - it is almost as if the payment is being processed but being duplicated, all very strange. I have just had to go back and untag a whole bunch of transactions to clear the Creditors Control account to Zero then one by one allocate payments shown in the dashboard and ensure the Creditors control account behaves accordingly. All very strange. I am now checking my Balance Sheet after processing every Supplier Invoice and corresponding payment to ensure the Control account stays zero.

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