Payments from late paying customers

Customer never pays bills on time, and has only just started getting on top of bills owing for previous year, these have been received after the financial year has closed, how do I deal with this?

You would just tag them as per usual. Generally, money is classed as ‘earned’ on the date of the invoice.

so for example my tax year runs april to april the invoice has been raised for example January 2014 and the customer has only just paid in July following year, what happens with the invoice , as at the end of the year it would show as not being paid - but the customer is paying in the following year - there is no invoice to tag against it??

The invoice would still be there to tag. If you look at the client screen for that particular client, the invoice should still be shown as ‘unpaid’.

What happens when you try to tag through the bank screen?

Just wanted to show you what I mean. My tax year ends in June, so I’ve just gone into my new one. My invoice screen still shows this:

This is dated in May, my last tax year, and is still yet to be paid (unfortunately!)

When I enter an amount to the exact same value as the invoice, I can tag the transaction and get this:

At first, the invoice didn’t show up, so I had to change the range to 2 months (1). But if yours doesn’t fit into the ranges available, you can select the second highlighted option (2), enter the account name and can tag it against the relevant invoice there.

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