Payments into bank account not showing

Hello. Our bank account is linked (as of about a week ago) and the live feed seems to be fine as far as it goes, but no payments into the account show from 1st May until 4th June, then we see payments in. We definitely received payments in May!

I’ve only started using QF in the last fortnight, so I’ve been manually filling in events from 1st May (start of year) until the point where we were up and running. Do I need to manually create payments that occurred between 1st May and early June, when the account was linked and payments in start to appear? I can do that no bother but don’t want to be going about this the wrong way and causing problems.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Some feeds won’t pull transactions prior to when you set it up. Best option is to download a csv statement from your bank with the date range up to the day you connected the live feed and upload it

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Oh brilliant suggestion, thank you Paul.