Payments not showing on invoices & printing taking 10 hours


Since the outage my invoices that have been paid are not automatically showing as paid like they normally would. Also I set 7 documents to print yesterday and it didn’t send me the link to print them until this morning.

Thank you

Hi @Kailuna

When you say about invoices that are automatically shown as paid, how is this done? Is it down to a payment made via Stripe or GoCardless, or is it run through the bank tagging?

In terms of the documents, there has been a bit of a delay in emails being issued due to a back log. This has since been resolved. If you were to request documents now, they should take the normal time. However, please let us know if this isn’t the case

Ah that’s great about the printing.
It’s all PayPal payments, they pay through the invoice and normally it updates as paid but it doesn’t seem to be doing that anymore.
Thanks loads

Julie :slight_smile:

Invoices should now be automatically updated for PayPal payments. I’m afraid however that it won’t retrospectively update the previously paid items so this would need to be manually marked as paid. I apologise for any inconvenience.