Payments on a Recurring basis

If Recurring payments are automated, would save same and will not miss any on due dates.

You can set a purchase invoice to repeat automatically on a set basis, e.g. weekly, monthly or yearly. You can find out more about this here.

Payments for recurring purchases need to be lodged manually, or better still you can simply import your bank statement and link the relevant debits on your bank to the purchase invoices that have been automatically created.

Let us know if that helps?

If you come up with anything new; for bills that has to be paid monthly ,that does not need to be lodged in manually and create a payment entry every month.

So can I clarify, your looking for the recurring purchases to include an option to record a payment too?

yes, like i pay monthly 10 pounds for mobile bill. So every month same date an entry has to be created for recurring payment of mobile bill.And i want to know if i create all entries in excel sheet , any way to import/pull all entries into Quickfile ??

Yes you can import all your purchases from a spread sheet. You can also set a pay date and bank account to record the outgoing payments.

Importing sales and purchase invoices

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