PaymentSense integration?

Are there any plans to offer integration with PaymentSense for debit/credit card payments. As a small business they have offered us a good deal, but Quickfile integration would be a great benefit.



There’s is nothing planned in this respect. But certainly if PaymentSense becomes popular amongst other users, we will definitely consider integrating this service.

For now I have converted this thread to a “Feature” so others can add their vote.

Payment sense would definitely be a great benefit to us too!


Count me in, have used PaymentSense for over a year now and it would be good to integrate it!

Just an update…

With the help of @radiohafren we have now made contact with PaymentSense who have kindly provided us with some test credentials. We hope to start development on this early next week. I will keep users posted on development.

Realistically it should go live in about 2 weeks time.

@JeffC @food4maccdirect @CaptainNick just to let you know we have now launched our integration with PaymentSense. You can find the configuration options to setup PaymentSense in Account Settings >> Manage payment options.

The PaymentSense integration works like the other electronic payment methods, so once you have it set up in Quick File, it will appear as an option for your clients when they go in to view and pay their invoices.