Paypal automatic feed not working

I have been using quickfile for 2 years now and the automatic bank feed from paypal has been working fine all this time. All of a sudden it isn’t working anymore. Can anyone assist?

Hello @opesc

We’ll certainly try to help you here.

First of all, what type of transactions are missing? If they are e-cheque payments, they may take a few days to appear. If they’re not GBP, then double check the feed settings to see if you have conversion enabled.

Secondly, if the above all looks in check, check out your event log (Account Settings >> All settings >> Event log) and see if there are any PayPal feed errors there (e.g. token not valid).

I have the same problem since about the middle of this month.
I see that the Event Log says “Paypal feed removed. (Reason : Token is not valid)”
I’ve changed nothing and it’s been working for a few years now.

I have tired refreshing and checking all settings.

Please advise if you can.

Thanks in advance.
Steve Hills.

It is all types of transactions - nothing appears to be coming through on my automatic feed. There are no paypal feed errors in the event log. They are all GBP and none of them were e cheque payments.

Hi @opesc

One of our developers identified an issue yesterday evening, but this has now been resolved. Can you confirm that your feed is now up to date please?

Yes it is working now.

Many thanks

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I have the same problem and discovered that on 21st August the Pay Pal feed was removed (token not valid). How do I get it working again AND why didn’t I receive an error warning? Since writing this I have deleted the feed and re- activated it so hopefully it will work again. In doing this I now realise that if the feed symbol on the bank account is red, there is a problem - when it is working correctly it is blue.

Hi @DuncanH

Sorry to hear you’re having issues with the PayPal feed. This should now work as normal as it’s been re-setup, although if you have transactions between the 21st August and when it was re-setup, you may need to enter these manually on this occasion.

Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any further issues.

Hi @QFMathew. Our Paypal feed has also stopped working. On 21st Aug the Event Log states ‘Paypal feed removed. (Reason : Token is not valid)’.

Hi @SarahHind

Please accept our apologies for this - there does seem to have been an issue which affected a small number of feeds to stop working.

As per the posts above, if you reactivate the feed, this should run as normal, but you may need to import missing transactions manually.

Hi @QFMathew. How do I reactivate it? It is still showing as it was before, just not pulling in transactions. I clicked ‘Refresh Paypal Transactions’ and it pulled in today’s transactions. How do I make it refresh the feed automatically as it was doing before?

I will add the missing transactions from 21st Aug to date as you suggested, although it would have been helpful if we’d had a notification of this issue so that it could have been sorted earlier.

If you remove the feed and re-add it, this will restart it. If you go to the PayPal bank account, select More Options >> Feed Settings, you will see an option to remove it there.

Regarding the notification, we show the feed status in 2 places within your account:

  1. In the event log
  2. On the bank page itself, where the feed icon turns red (where blue means active)

I will of course pass your feedback on to our team.

My Paypal feed icon is actually blue, so maybe when I refreshed Paypal Transactions it re-activated it? I’ll leave it & watch it for 24hrs to see if it starts pulling in transactions automatically & if not I’ll do as you say & remove it & re-add it. Thanks for your help.

FYI, it seems to have caught up with itself & added all the missing Paypal transactions. :slight_smile:

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That’s great to hear @SarahHind! Thanks for letting us know!

I’ve just noticed today I’m missing 3 months worth of PayPal transactions. Does this mean I have to import them all manually? Synchronising only gets today’s transactions.

Unimpressive. Surely you can write a script to import between 2 dates for us!

Hi @meezaan

Unfortunately, yes you would need to import them manually on this occasion. But please don’t hesitate to send me a private message if you need help with this. We’re more than happy to help.

While we can (and in fact did) allow for historic entries to be imported, there are some cases where accounts can have 1,000s of entries between two given dates. This in the past put a lot of load on the feed causing issues for other daily imports. As a precaution we therefore disabled this functionality.

If you PM support, we’ll see how we can help.

Thanks folks.

I was able to import using a CSV file from PayPal, so it wasn’t too painful.

Thank you, anyway and happy new year.

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