Paypal bank feed - historic transactions

I have just installed the bank feed on Google Chrome, but this does not seem to include Paypal - previously it seemed as though Paypal was supported - please confirm, thank you.

Hi @bowraven
PayPal is supported, but not through the bank plug in - it’s actually better than that!

What you do, is create a new bank account, and select PayPal (Merchant Account) as the Bank Name. This will prompt you to connect the accounts.

Fill out the details and follow the steps, and every morning (as in early hours), it will import new transactions.

Hope that helps! :smile:

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Also to add to @Parker1090 comments, the PayPal plugin won’t go back historically and import old transactions. It will only import from the date of activation. You should however be able to download a CSV of historic transactions in your PayPal account and then import these into QuickFile.

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Hi Glen - I only have the option of ‘Paypal’ there doesn’t seem to be a ‘Merchant Account’ type within the bank modification section. But it has been set up as ‘Paypal’.

Also, I have a bank which is Natwest and this is not linking either?

Next to my Barclays type bank on the Banking summary there is a blue ‘Setup bank feed’, so it looks like it is working to a degree?

Cheers, Russell

I see two PayPal accounts that look like they were initially created as “Current account” type. The system doesn’t let you change this after creation so I changed it for you :smile:

You should now be able to see the two PayPal accounts under the Merchant account header. You will also see a button alongside each to activate the feed.

Great, thank you. Is there a reason why the Natwest bank is not linking though?

Cheers, Russell

Natwest don’t provide the same automated feed capabilities that PayPal do, so no option at our end can be provided.

Try using the Chrome plugin instead…