PayPal duplication?

When I pay for an item using my organisation’s Paypal account, then, if the account is out of funds, PayPal automatically withdraws the required amounts from the organisation’s Banking account. But this means that, in Quickfile, two withdrawals are made for the same transaction topic, one on the PalPal account, one on the Bank account.

I have not noticed this in the past because there were always sufficient funds in the PayPal account to cover the amounts needed, so no withdrawals were made from the bank account.

Not sure how to deal with this accounting-wise.

Can post screen-shots if this is not clear.

It is one withdraw. Tag the money out on your bank account as a transfer between accounts and select your paypal account. This creates a money in transaction in your paypal account in quickfile. Tag the money out transaction in your paypal account to the invoice
Hope this helps

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That’s excellent and understandable. Thank you. This has also helped me correct an earlier PayPal problem that I had been unable to resolve.

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