PayPal Feed and Balance

Sorry If I am being a bit dim, my feed from PayPal does not show any transfers from Paypal to my Bank. hence my PayPal balance is wrong.
What am I doing wrong?

Hello @Amateurtechno

In your PayPal settings you have the below ticked


This is the best way to do it - the PayPal feed doesn’t necessarily see the money leaving PayPal on the same date your bank account sees the money arrive, so it causes less confusion if you don’t include the transfers out when feeding data from PayPal. Instead tag the transfers on the other end by tagging the “money in” on your bank account as a bank transfer from the PayPal account. This will automatically create the matching pre-tagged “money out” on the PayPal side, which should bring it back into balance.

The money out transactions on the PayPal account will be dated on the day the money arrived in your bank account rather than the day it left PayPal (if these are not the same date anyway) so there may be some short term mismatches.

Thanks Ian That works a treat

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