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PayPal feed - assign to client but don't create invoices

I’ve just started running an online “click and collect” service for my business, with payments received via PayPal. The way the system works it takes payment from the customer when they place their order, but the sale only shows in the EPOS daily sales figures once the order has been collected. At the end of each day I get a report out of the EPOS giving the total completed sales for that day with the exact net and VAT totals (we sell a mixture of food at 0% and confectionery & toiletries at 20% so the amount of VAT varies from day to day). So what I’d like to be able to do is:

  • use the PayPal feed to assign all the incoming payments as prepayments to a single client account but not create any invoices
  • have the feed account for the PayPal fees in the normal way
  • I then take the report from the EPOS system, use that to create a sales invoice with the right net and VAT totals, and pay that invoice using the prepayment credits already received via PayPal.

However I’m a bit stuck on point 1 - if I tell the PayPal feed settings to assign to a single client it will create invoices with the wrong VAT amount, but if I tell it to leave the tagging to me then the transaction descriptions of just “Client Name (PayPal reference number)” mean that there’s nothing they have in common that I can use to define a bank tagging rule.

Is there anything I can do about this other than manually tagging every PayPal transaction individually or giving up on the feed and having to manually generate a PayPal report each day. Is it possible to add a prefix like "PayPal payment from " to the bank transactions generated from the feed, so they can be matched by a tagging rule?

Or allow for regex bank tagging rules so I can match things like \(.*\)$ (any description ending with something in parentheses).

Hi @ian_roberts

At the moment, it’s not possible to save the funds to a client account, only to an invoice.

We can certainly consider changes here however, and we welcome any feature requests.

Sorry this isn’t the answer you were hoping for.

I’ve found a kind of workaround for now, I realised that if I “leave the tagging to me” then I can click the checkbox to only show untagged entries, then select all, then “tag selected” and that does have an option to tag them all as prepayments to the same client. A few extra clicks but at least I don’t have to do them one by one.

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