Paypal Feed Backdates?

Hi - I’ve just set up paypal active feed, different to a normal bankfeed, the paypal feed didn’t’ have an option to choose a date to import transactions from. Does that mean it cannot backdate and i would need to manually export/import transactions from paypal and then carry on by using the active feed from today? Thanks, Lauren

Hi @tafuk

The PayPal feed does work differently to the Open Banking feeds, and unfortunately we’re not able to back date them.

As you’ve activated the feed today, it will work from today onwards.

For any previous transactions, you should be able to export a CSV file from the PayPal web site, and import it into QuickFile.

Let us know if you need any help

Ok perfect just checking in case tomorrow they all duplicated - all up to date now - cheers

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I’m trying to do something similar and am getting an error every single time I try to import the PayPal CSV - it doesn’t like the formatting of my columns. I’ve checked they’re all correctly formatted - date/time/currency etc - and the correct column number is chosen, but nothing I do solves this. Does anyone have any idea what’s going wrong? Thank you.

Hi @HeatherD

When you say formatted correctly, in particular with the currency, check that there are no unexpected characters included.

For example, with the currency, ensure that it’s 87.95 rather than £87.95

Thanks. I’ve just tried that and it still won’t import.

What’s the error message that you’re seeing?

" No Transactions Were Saved to Your Account
Please check that the columns in your CSV are correctly mapped."

I have checked, lots and lots of times since I started trying to do this 24 hours ago! It’s not essential that I do it this way but it would be handy if I could get it sorted. There’s a mahoosive discrepancy between the PayPal balance showing in the QF feed and the actual PP balance, and it’s getting worse every month, so I’m trying to get to the bottom of it. Details were entered manually for May-Sept 2020 and automatically from Sept onwards. I’m currently going through everything from May onwards with a fine toothcomb but whatever it is invisible as all transactions match up to a sale, payment or transfer (I’ve ticked the ‘ignore transfers’ box and entered an opening balance), yet by the end of May it’s already out by £100s. It’s completely baffling.

Are you accounting for PayPal fees for the sales? Unless you’ve got quite a few sales going through PayPal, I wouldn’t expect this to cause £100s worth of difference, but it’s worth looking at to make sure.

Let me send you a private message anyway, and we can take a look at that file for you

Okay, thank you. For those manual months I’ve entered the fee as detailed on our payPal statement as a single lump sum at the end of the month but no, it’s isn’t £100s. Thanks for all the help.