PayPal Feed - Configure default nominal code on sales

When I import my transactions from PayPal I would like them allocated to a specific nominal code so I can tract the sales separately from other sales transactions, how do I do this?

Are you setup to allocate sales to individual client records? Or do you have all sales going to a single client record?

I don’t know a way to do this using the PayPal feed settings as all sales will default to “General Sales”, there’s no option to change this I’m afraid. You could however periodically use the bulk recoding tool to change that or turn off PayPal auto tagging and instead setup a bank tagging rule to allocate all PayPal sales to a single client record using a specific nominal code.

I would prefer they are allocated against the email address. I presume the easiest way is to tag them my self

You can have the PayPal feed tag all your sales items to individual client records based on the email address. Although unfortunately they’ll default to general sales. The options therefore would be to do some bulk re-coding later or to switch of auto tagging on PayPal entirely and manually tag each transaction.

Thank you for your advice