PayPal Feed Duplicating Purchase Entries


I have set up the PayPal feed to pull all transactions into a merchant account.

Under “Automation Settings” I have it set to leave the tagging to me.

I have found that when paying money out of PayPal, for example, if I book a courier to send a parcel and pay through PayPal, the entry gets duplicated in the Merchant account?

Has anyone else experienced this and is there a solution?

Other than the above, it’s working really well.


I believe @Joe PM’d you for your account details, once we have these we’ll take a look for you.

Hi Glenn, no PM received.

Sorry to start this again. I realise this is now an old thread. However, we continued to learn and use Quickfile thinking it was the way we were tagging the payments and using the system. However the problem still occurs and the merchant account balance is incorrect. Would be grateful for any help.

I replied on the 24th of September. If you go to your forum profile page and click “All messages” it’s in there.

Basically I was asking for your QF account number so I can check. Although I expect you may be logging purchase manually in the day and then the feed comes along and duplicates it. Not really sure until we can look at your account.

Hi Glenn,

Our quickfile account number is 6131428475.



Where exactly are the duplicates? I couldn’t see any on your PayPal statement having checked a couple of pages. Can you provide a specific date and amount?

Thanks for your help here.
I have attached 3 images:
1 – This is taken from our paypal overview screen, you can see the deduction of a myhermes postage for £4.20
2 – This is again from paypal, now looking into that transaction, for some reason when placing our orders with this company it debits and then credits and then debits, unsure why it happens like this.
3 – This is on quickfile, you can see the payment is debited and credited, thus meaning our balance is incorrect.

This happens everytime we purchase through myhermes, and has is duplicated all the way through the paypal accounts within quickfile.

Any ideas how to resolve this please?



This happens as the purchases you make using PayPal are immediately debited from your card and not held on the PayPal balance.

The “money in” transaction for £4.20 in the example above should be treated as a transfer from your current account. You should have an equal amount on the current account going out.


To confirm the money is always debited from the PayPal balance not from a card.

Look forward to your reply.

All Quick File does is pull this information from the PayPal API. I would have assumed that the payment was made by debit/credit card but if not then to be honest I’m not entirely sure.

I would recommend having a word with PayPal to see if they can explain what this is. Unfortunately Paypal have a tendency to issue very verbose statements including various updates and adjustments that aren’t necessarily relevant from a bookkeeping perspective. We’ve filtered many of these out but occasionally new ones that we’ve never encountered before will appear.

If you can get any word from PayPal as to what these adjustments are for we can look at possibly filtering them.


Ok I have just been speaking with paypal regarding this issue.
The long and short of it is, they can not change the way this transaction takes place.

I don’t fully understand their explanation and why they have set their system up like this, but they basically said something to do with once we place our order with myhermes, paypal puts this as a debit pending while it checks a few other things, then it cancels this pending debit, by crediting the payment, then it immediately debits the full amount.

Sorry the explanation is a bit vague, but I don’t really understand it, and they said there is nothing they can do to change it.

Glenn, is it possible you can apply a filter to this for us, as we don’t see a work around, we have tried deleting unwanted lines from paypal, but they simply re appear, thus affecting our balance.

Unless this is solved, we don’t see how we can use quickfile going forward.

Best regards

I assumed there would be some funny accounting going on in PayPal. Based on their explanation this appears to be something that is not relevant from a bookkeeping perspective and so can be ignored. I can’t set a filter at account level only for every feed on the system, for that reason I will need to refer this so we can review the impact before applying.

You mention that those deleted items in PayPal reappear, you mean the same ones reappear, this shouldn’t be happening as we only update the feed one day at time.

We did go through and delete these lines a few weeks back, and they re-appeared.
We see this feed as a mirror copy of our paypal account?

However I have just tried again and deleted the incorrect line, and it has removed, not sure if it will re-appear tomorrow again?

It’s not strictly a mirror copy. The feed basically just runs once every 24 hours (at approx 2.00am) and grabs all new transactions entered within the last day. That’s why I don’t see how the feed can bring back transactions you’ve deleted before the previous day?

Following on from my last point, it just occurred to me that if you’re manually refreshing the transactions say for today and you delete one of those entries for today, then it will reappear tomorrow as the feed is updating for that specific period (20th January 00:00 to 21st January 00:00). If you delete after the feed has run it won’t reappear.

We will look at just outright ignoring these transactions, that’s probably the best way forward. I’ve logged it for review.

Thanks for your help here.
Yes agree to what you have said, and would appreciate you reviewing it to save us manually deleting going forward.

However, there must be 1000’s of people placing order via paypal to myhermes and who have the same issue?

We’ve updated our system now to ignore these items. It shouldn’t be a problem going forward, but please let me know after a few days if that fixes things for you.