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Hi all,

I may just be being a little silly on this one.

When I sell something either through eBay or my website. The PayPal feed pulls in the costs. It doesn’t pull the item but that isn’t too much of an issue. All i’m bothered about really is the money in / money out.

However, what would be nice is to have a database of emails. When going into each user that has been created after a sale. It doesn’t seem to be saving their emails.

Is there a reason behind this?

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Hi @wmcctv

I’ll check with my colleague in the morning about this. I believe we receive their email address to try and link it to an existing client.

Bear with me - I’ll come back to you in the morning

Thanks for your quick reply.

I’ll wait to hear back from your tomorrow :slight_smile:

I just queried this one myself as I wasn’t 100% sure.

Apparently the PayPal API does not return a fully qualified first name and surname, just “client_name” which can be just a company name or the name of an individual.

Without this information we can’t create a contact record to sit under the main client record. To create a contact record (required for user login) we’d need the following:

  • Client first name
  • Client surname
  • Email address

We do however group together transactions from the same client under one client reference by using their PayPal Customer ID, this is populated in the “Account Reference” field for the client record.

Hope that makes sense!

Hi Glenn,

Thank you.

So it’s safe to say that we cannot store the customers email when using the PayPal feed? I’m just thinking future proof if I ever need to contact this customer via phone or email.

I believe that’s correct.

I’m not sure what data it would receive, but have you had a look at Zapier? They offer a PayPal integration which could tie it into QuickFile?

Thanks for the reply again.

I have a Zapier account actualy so I’ll take a look. Completely forgot about it! Cheers.

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Further inspection…

PayPal is a premium Zap and unfortunately cannot warrant that just yet which is a shame.

That is a shame! :frowning:

Not sure how feasible it would be for you, but perhaps a custom script would be an option? If you’re capturing the email address through your web site, this could trigger another script to feed it to QuickFile. I’ve not looked at eBay, but I’d imagine they’d offer functionality for this too?

If you don’t have the coding knowledge and looking for someone to look into this for you, you’re more than welcome to post in our Marketplace category :slight_smile:

I probably could sort something, it’s just finding time. Company is still in startup and just trying to really push it out there.

eBay isn’t such an issue if i’m honest. You can download your latest sales report into excel which gives you their name and email (along with other information I can delete out). Then split the name into two cells and away you go. The only issue here is I’m unsure which ones I have and don’t have but could easily delete duplicates.

If there was a fairly easy way around it, it would have been great.

Long shot but maybe adding in a new field in the client section just for an email as opposed to at the bottom where it creates a login. Maybe where the black line is below?

If you have a csv document with a list of clients, you should be able to import them, and it would detect duplicates too.

The email address is used to create a log in and it’s assigned to a contact rather than the client itself. Although with the import you are able to create both in one go.

Take a look at this topic for help with importing:

It’s not so much the fact I have a list of clients. I can select and download a sales history from eBay that download to the csv format. I would the still need to download separately somehow from the website.

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