Paypal Feed Error

Hey! I’m trying to set up the automatic Paypal feed however I’m getting the following error:

Oops we are having some problems configuring your feed!
Please try again later or contact the Quick File support department

Please let me know how we can get this fixed!


Hi @jphlondon

We’re looking into this for you at the moment, and will come back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you Mathew, it seems to be working now somehow! The error has gone.
I have a screenshot of it from yesterday, that I can send over if you wanted it in case it happens to other users.

Hi @jphlondon

Thanks for letting us know!

We did identify an issue yesterday which went live earlier today. PayPal had some undocumented changes which caused unexpected behaviour, but as you notice, this has now been fixed.

Ah brilliant! Great stuff, thank you.

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