Paypal feed, foreign transactions

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Is QF able to automatically import non-sterling transactions?

In case of foreign transactions in Paypal - How do i go about setting up the paypal bank account for two different currencies - should i have one for Sterling and another for USD?


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Quick File can’t hold transactions of differing currencies in a single bank account so any PayPal feed would need to be manually adjusted to handle foreign transactions.

I understand this, thanks

lets say, If i created a separate paypal account on QF for USD transactions - will it be able to handle automatic import for only USD transactions?


I had to refresh my memory on this one…

Currently the PayPal feed skips over any transactions that are not in GBP so I’m afraid any foreign transactions on PayPal would need to be handled manually. Right now the PayPal feed doesn’t supply live exchange rate data at the point a transaction appears on the feed, a converted amount is calculated later. This makes it almost impossible to accurately handle foreign transactions in PayPal, as you’d need to work out a notional exchange rate at the point of entry and then flip it later…It’s pretty complicated and error-prone to do this.

I’ve discussed this previously here

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For Foreign transactions in Paypal that are not converted to GBP, i will manually import the transaction.

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