PayPal feed is missing non-GBP sales

Hi There

I recently imported my first automatic feed from PayPal and I have only got 68 recorded sales invoices.

When I log into Paypal I have a whole lot more.

Simply testing this by search for client names do not show up at all.

After reading up on the feed I feel a little hesitant to use it if it will prove unstable/unreliable however I’d rather it manage the Paypal fees than me having to manually change an exported paypal csv to include it.

I have since imported them manually via CSV but can i trust the import to do what it needs to automatically?

Also regarding the fees does it collect all the fees for a given day and bulk them together?

Are those sales in a foreign currency? QuickFile will only import GBP PayPal sales at the moment.

I will check this evening, i do notice a currency conversion comes in and it takes the UK converted price so we just use that as the sale.

That will work right?


The PayPal feed isn’t suitable in all cases, especially not if you have a lot of foreign currency invoices, adjustments or holds. In such cases it’s easier to just to pull a report from PayPal once every week/month and bulk load your sales total in GBP.

PayPal don’t provide exchange rates in their feed so we have no accurate way to determine what the GBP value should be. We can use an inferred rate but chances are it won’t match the one PayPal have used. There are a few discussion on the forum about this if you search “PayPal multi-currency”.

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