PayPal Feed Keeps Returning

Hi There

Can someone log into our account and remove the automatic PayPal feed.

We have twice delete all “PayPal Sales” and “PayPal Fee’s” (A client and supplier) and removed the feed but it comes back when we log in?



Have you actually deleted the feed?

If you go to view all bank accounts, look for the green button next to the PayPal one:

And click delete:

Yes i have deleted the feed already once because it said something along the lines of “setup feed” and a blue icon.

Many Thanks

Admins, can someone please delete the feed?

Turns out you need to remove the opening balance before it goes…

Do you still need help here?

Disabling the feed will stop new entries appearing. It sounds like you were trying to delete the merchant account, in which case you’d need to remove all the entries first.

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