PayPal Feed not adding fee transaction


I have set up the PayPal feed and received several payments via your invoicing system, but I’m only getting a gross credit to my paypal balance in the system, and no corresponding fee transaction.

I have definitely got a PayPal supplier and checked the checkbox in the feed setup to aggregate fees to this supplier daily, but only one transaction per payment. After I withdraw the net payment, I am left with a slowly increasing balance discrepancy. I can obviously manually add the fee payments, but isn’t the point of that checkbox to not need to?

Hi @Blue_Rabbit_Builds

If the invoice is paid through QuickFile itself, when the transaction comes through on the feed it’s not processed (to avoid duplication). The aggregation of the fees will be for any external transactions (e.g. outside of QuickFile).

If the balance on your account is just fees, you can just post 1 purchase invoice for the balance and mark it as paid from the PayPal account so it’s zeroed.

I hope this helps.

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