PayPal Feed Not Marking Off Paid Invoices

Good morning,

Sorry to bother you but I was wondering if someone can help me. We have a QF account set up which is linked to our PayPal account.

For some reason when someone pays an invoice via PayPal, the invoice is not getting marked off as ‘Paid’ in QF.

The payment is showing in the feed and appears to be tagged to an invoice but it’s not marking the invoice as paid.

Could someone help me as I believe I have set this up correctly but it’s becoming a bit of a pain?

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Hi James,

The Feed doesn’t automatically tag the invoices for you as paid this is something you would have to do yourself.

Setup PayPal automated feed this guide may also be useful for you.

Please let me know if you need any further help.

Hi Beth,

Thanks for getting back to me. I’m a bit confused though. We have a number of QF accounts, for various businesses. One of them we have set up imports the transactions from PayPal and when an invoice is paid, it marks the invoice as ‘paid’. For some reason I cannot our other QF account to do it though.

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Does the feed raise the transaction or do you do it ourself? There is the option for creating invoices from the feed, wondering if that option is turned on for one and not the other?

Enabling or Disabling auto tagging

Hi @Lurch,

The invoice is created in QF and then paid via PayPal, if that’s what you mean?

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Hi @favdes

If the invoice is created through QuickFile and then paid through PayPal, via the “Pay Online” link, it should tag automatically.

If the invoice is created in QuickFile but paid through PayPal directly (rather than the “Pay Online” button in QuickFile), then it won’t be tagged automatically.

What I think @Lurch was referring to, is the PayPal feed automatically creating the invoice at the same time the feed runs.

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Yes, thank you for putting my thoughts into words, I was struggling for a moment!

I guess you mean ‘paid through PayPal directly’ here?

Spot on - thanks :wink: . I’ve updated the post


The invoice is generated in QF. It’s a recurring invoice. Payment was made in QF through PayPal. As I say, in our other QF account, when this happens the invoice is marked as paid.

Is anyone able to take a look for me please?

Kind regards


Hi @favdes

If you view the invoice, do you see a PayPal payment reference in the event log at the bottom?

I can’t see it however if I go to the bank feed and click on the line item for the payment, I see:

"This payment was made by ‘Client Name’ and has been allocated to invoice ‘Invoice Number’.

As I say, the payment has been allocated to the invoice but the invoice has not been marked as ‘paid’.

Let me send you a private message.

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