Paypal feed not running

is the paypal feed not running? we got 1 transaction on 1st Sept but we had many more in our pp account. I also tried to manually import just now and it failed to connect to the remote server. Our account id is ****411989


I’ll check with my colleague who overseas the PP Feed. I know it has been running as she sends me the daily reports. I’m not sure about last night though, as soon as I get the status I will report back.

I’ve manually run the Barclays feed. I can see in your case it hadn’t run for a few days. I believe that when we ran the feed at 2 am last night there were some connectivity issues with the Barclays website.

its not just the barclays feed that didnt run but the pp feed as well. thanks again

Yes, it seems one of our Virtual Machines went down last night as Microsoft were running some maintenance on them. They failed to automatically start so we have manually switched it back on and the system is working it’s way through the backlog.