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My PayPal feed has been working well up until about a week ago. Since then it has stopped working. I notice from other logs that it can get deactivated if you don’t log in for a while. However I do login to my QuickFile account at least once a week. I have tried deleting the feed and setting up again on two occasions. Each time it takes me to PayPal to authorise it and it appears to go through OK. I have tried manually importing the days transactions which used to work. It just completes with no error message and no imported transactions.

I see on your event log there’s an entry:

Paypal feed removed after 3 attempts. (Reason : You do not have permissions to make this API call)

This indicates that the PayPal API blocked our request to retrieve the data after 3 consecutive attempts. Did you change anything in your PayPal account?

I think this all started about a week ago after I tried adding another API feed into my PayPal account for a website automated payment service. Since then I have tried deleting the Quickfile PayPal feed and re-authenticating it but this has not helped. I have just check my PayPal account and I can see authorised under my API settings. is our application, It should admittedly be something more obvious.

We’re running the PayPal feed now, so let’s see in 1 hour what happens.

There was actually an issue last night whereby the feed didn’t run at all. The server restarted itself just as it was scheduled to, hence why we’re running it now.

Today I have tried another manual Paypal import but still no luck. Are the issues on the server resolved ?

Are you referring to your QuickFile account ending 831?

I just manually polled that account for today and yesterday and PayPal returned zero entries. Are you sure you’ve connected QF to the correct PayPal account?

In general the feed ran fine this morning, I see around 2,000 entries imported across all accounts.

Yes QuickFile account 831. The last transaction on my PayPal was on the 15th which it does not seem to be returning. Does it only look at transactions over the last 24 hours? I have just put through a new transaction on PayPal and run a new transfer, this has been retrieved and so I guess it is all working again. Thank you for your help.

The feed will typically pull for the last 24 hours worth of activity. If it gets interrupted for whatever reason I believe it should normally pickup from where it last stopped, unless you delete and added the feed again, which does seem to be the case on your account.

Anyway I can see it’s now pulling in transactions fine, let me know if there are any further problems.

Not working for me either. I have deleted and added the feed but nothing gets auto imported.

Hi @hennaboy

Is this a new feed? If so, it will only pull data in from that point onwards. If it’s an older feed and has only just stopped working, when was the last transaction on QuickFile compared to your PayPal account? Have you changed anything on your PP account at all?

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So the feed only works from the moment you set it up it wont pull in previous transactions?

Sorry misunderstood the point of the feed then.

That’s correct - only new transactions are pulled in. Old transactions can be imported via a CSV import.

If you need any help with that, please let me know :slight_smile:

If you could advise to what I should download from paypal. IE all activity or just balance affecting payments? That would be helpful.


How many transactions do you have?

It may be easier for you just to enter an opening balance to the PayPal account rather than importing every historic entry?

There is 1114 transactions I use paypal here to take card payments in my shop.

Are you issuing the clients in your shop with an invoice generated on QuickFile? If you aren’t I would not use the feed at all, instead I would just bulk post PayPal sales to a single invoice once per week/month, it takes away all the headache of reconciling 100s of entries.

This process is explained in more detail here.

Handling payments from merchant accounts

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