Paypal feed stopped working need to import manually


I have been running the paypal feed and it was working fine up until the 12th, to be honest I was stupid just assuming all was fine but went in today to check and tag any transactions and noticed that the feed had been paused for some reason…

I have now re started the feed and manually pulled the last days to test it but it only pulls in the previous days transactions so just wanted to query what I need to import for the transactions between the 12th and today. I’ve had a look in paypal but cant work out how to generate the CSV file I need to get all the data into to quickfile. I can only see monthly reports which would mean I cant import until the end of the month and would mean duplicating all the transactions that weren’t missed



Hi James,

I’ll try my best to help you. I’ll start with your first point about the feed being stopped.

Whenever we pause a feed (whether this be PayPal or Barclays, we will log the reason in the event log. This is visible on your dashboard, or by going to Account Settings >> All Settings >> Event Log. Please note however, only the main administrator of the account can view this.

In regards to downloading a list of transactions, you should be able to do the following:

  1. Log into PayPal and select ‘More’ on the right hand side:

  2. On the right hand side, select ‘Download’

  3. Enter your date range, and ensure you’ve selected “Comma Delimited - All Activity”

  4. And lastly, click ‘Download History’

That should download the correct report.

Hope that helps - Let me know how it goes!


That’s just the job imported all the transactions and even flagged which it thought were duplicates so i could omit them!

Annoyingly it didn’t auto create the invoices like it does from the daily feed but as it’s a new business I only have about 20-odd transactions to tag so should be back up to date in no time!

Thanks again


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Also now I have imported I have checked the event log and it gave me this

14/07/2016 04:23 Paypal Feed Paypal feed removed. (Reason : Account is not verified)

Which I do not really understand as it was working and then stopped suddenly

I’d double check your PayPal account. It may be that you need to upload a document to prove your, or the businesses details (such as address, company number, your date of birth etc.).

If you check your account on the PayPal website, it should tell you if it’s verified or not. If it’s not, it should guide you through the verification process

Thanks, that does make sense now as although I went through all the steps to verify my paypal account when I first opened it it took them best part of a month to actually complete the verification process and the date the feed stopped working coincided with them requesting a scan of my driving licence to complete verification. The account is now fully verified so hopefully this is the end of this issue

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