Paypal Feed

Just gone in to tag my paypal transactions and noticed it hasn’t imported for over a week.

21/08/2018 04:01 Paypal Feed Paypal feed removed. (Reason : Token is not valid)
Had a look and I have this above in my log.

Can some one please advise how to get it back?


Generally the Token is not valid error means that PayPal has disconnected itself. If you remove the feed and re-add it, this will generate a new token and allow QuickFile to access your feed again.

However, you may need to import the missing transactions manually on this occasion I’m afraid, but you should be able to download a .CSV file from PayPal and import it into your account.

I would suggest setting the feed back up in the first instance and see what does import before importing any data manually.

The feed seems to be removed in QF. So do I need to do anything in QF? I don’t want to inadvertently delete my paypal account rather than the feed.

I had a look in paypal - profile & settings - my account settings - more account settings where ***** is a “service provider”.
Do I just remove that before setting up again?

From your PayPal bank account in QuickFile, if you just go to More Options >> Activate Bank Feed (or similar), and follow the prompts from there, it should then link the accounts back up.

You’ll be glad to know you won’t be able to delete the bank account unless it’s completely empty - so you’re safe there :slight_smile:

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