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PayPal Fees going to wrong nominal code

I’m a bit puzzled here, likely me being thick however.

I use the PayPal Feed currently setup as:

“Create and allocate to clients based on their PayPal email address”
“Ignore transfers to or from bank (prevents duplication)”

I have a ‘PayPal’ supplier setup + a default nominal code for the supplier ‘7907 PayPal Fees’.

I’ve tried creating bank tagging rule that should catch all PayPal aggregated fee transactions and allocated them to the supplier + PayPal Fee Nominal Code. (Auto Tagging is off)

Nope, not sure what’ I’m doing wrong but the fee payments do get allocated to supplier ‘PayPal’ however they get dumped into 7901 Bank Charges and I’m moving them daily to 7907 Pay Pal Fees.

Please someone enlighten me :slight_smile:

Hi FTTrading,
Have look on the link below. It looks like quickfile is doing this automatically in the background for you. I am not sure if you can change it,may only quickfile can do it.

Allocating PayPal charges

QuickFile automatically aggregates and tags all your PayPal charges to a supplier of your choice. By default QuickFile will create a supplier called ‘PayPal (yourpaypal@email.com)’.

Hi @rhc,

Agreed, it does seem to be a QF thing (bug/limitation?), just odd that it’s not following the default nominal code for the supplier, let alone ignoring the bank tagging rule.

Perhaps @QFMathew might be able to confirm if it’s me or QF :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @FTTrading

The nominal code used for the fees are fixed to bank charges, which can’t be changed at this time. You’re more than welcome to start a new #feature request for this if you wish, and we can monitor the interest in this change.

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