Paypal foreign sales

Just started with Quickfile - so far, so good - wish I’d started earlier.

A couple of quick queries.
1 I started a few days after beginning of financial year. I have entered (I think!) opening stock and bank balance but I have a few days missing. Is it simplest just to create an entry aggregating the few days? At the moment, my Paypal balance on QF is out of sync with real balance. Can anyone point me how to import just the missing days?

2 A large proportion of my sales are foreign. Is there anyway of tagging or recognising these or assigning to Foreign Sales automatically? I need to do this as non-domestic sales do not count against my turnover for VAT limits - otherwise it may appear I need to go VAT registered. And can this be back dated automatically. I have a read automatic bank tagging, but not sure if relevant to situation

Thanks in advance.

If a large proportion of your sales are foreign these will not get pulled through on the feed. I’ve seen so many users get in a pickle trying to reconcile the PayPal feed. In many cases it’s worth just manually entering your aggregate sales and PayPal charges on a weekly/monthly basis, we have a guide here on how that can be done.

Thanks for reply. Happily, most foreign sales are in GBP, but I need to try to differentiate the two - UK and non-UK. For peace of mind and to save abusing any goodwill on the forum by constant questions, I’ll sign up for support but thank you for taking time to reply.

Thanks Lee, we’ll pick this up with you this morning. I can see you ordered the setup service.

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