Paypal has created an Invoice for something I have already invoiced?

Hi All,

I raised an Invoice a couple of weeks ago, which was not paid. I enabled Invoice reminders yesterday and as of this morning ‘Paypal’’ has generated an invoice for the outstanding amount rather than it be allocated to the outstanding invoice. Surely this is not right. Needless to say i’m confused and not very impressed as this does not make any sense to me at all. Please can someone explain what is going on here?


Hi @sitewideuk

With the PayPal feed, there are 3 options for incoming transactions:

  1. Lump all the sales under one client (e.g. ‘Daily PayPal Sales’)
  2. Create and allocate to clients based on their PayPal email address
  3. Leave the tagging to you so you can do it manually

From reading your post, it does seem that the system has done it correctly. It has no way of knowing if £100.00 coming in from a client matches a £100.00 outstanding invoice, so it will always create a new invoice if option 2 is selected.

You may find it easier to select option 3 to prevent this from happening again, or alternatively ask your client to pay via QuickFile which will handle the tagging for you to the correct invoice (as they specifically select the invoice they wish to pay).

You can safely delete the duplicate invoice in your current position, and tag the transaction to the invoice you set up previously.

Hope that helps

Ok, Thank you for your explanation.

As an aside, it seems that the transaction is logged both in my Paypal account and my Bank account (i.e. it seems to think it has been transferred but it hasn’t) Is there a setting correlating to this also?

Thank you for your support, as always it is very much appreciated.

Best Regards

No problem!

If you go to the PayPal feed settings (Bank Management >> Feed Settings), you’ll find what I posted above, and above a bit more underneath it too:

Ticking this option will stop logging any PayPal transfers. The issue here is that PayPal deposits the amount, for example on a Monday, but it could be Wednesday until it hits your bank account. There’s a bit more information on that here

Hopefully that makes sense, but please let me know if you have any further questions :slight_smile:

I don’t think I have it set up to automatically transfer funds to my bank account? I’ll check that box anyway.

I have just gone into my original invoice and it says:
QuickFile Full payment made on invoice #128. Payment received via PayPal ‘Customer Name’ (Transaction ID).

Which seems to indicate that the invoice was paid through paypal/quickfile but the paypal feed still created a new invoice #131?


Hi Donna,

I’ll pass this to a colleague to have a look and see what’s happened if we can. I’ll come back to you shortly.

Ok Thank you, I have since merged the customers for the 2 transactions and also untagged the new invoice.


Ok, think we got it! :slight_smile:

The payments for PayPal are currently set up to be deposited to your Current Account rather than your PayPal account.

If you go to Account Settings >> Manage Payment Options, you’ll see the PayPal box, like this:

Simply change ‘Current Account’ to your PayPal account.

The reason it’s duplicated on this occasion, is because the transaction wasn’t duplicated as it was in a different bank account, Changing this to PayPal will not only make it show in the correct bank account on QuickFile, but also prevent it from being duplicated next time around.

Hope that makes sense

I just wanted to say thankyou, once again the support has been fantastic.


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