Paypal link not working for customer

Hi- Please help-
I have sent my first invoice to a “can I pay by card” customer. however the link from the green bar that takes them to paypal isn’t doing anything on their system. ?? I’ve set up a dummy invoice and sent one to myself and it worked fine??? Great start! Does anybody have any ideas what is causing this and can I take palpay payment card details over the phone? thanks in advance- Jamie- completely new to this.

It could be some sort of popup blocker that the client is using, it’s really hard to say. I can see a few PayPal payments have gone through fine today so it’s more than likely a system issue. Knowing what browser the client is using may help.

I’m not sure if you can take payments over the phone with PayPal, I think you need to be subscribed to their Virtual Terminal service for this.

What you can do if the client also has a PayPal account is find their PayPal email and issue a direct request for the funds from the PayPal control panel.

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