Paypal Missing Entries


Re my account 6131429517 my paypal feed is missing hundreds of paypal entries, which are supposed to have been imported automatically with the paypal feed. I certainly haven’t deleted any. Because of this, my Paypal account on my banking feeds is in the negative thousands, when the account is in the positive.

Can you please help? I have no idea how that happened. You can contact me on 07917 084321 if necessary for security purposes.

Thanks! Hugh.

It is possible that the feed got paused, this happens automatically if you don’t log in for a certain number of months (I will find out what this limit is set to). Do you have the date for which the transactions are absent?

Hi Glenn,

6th Jan onwards has missing entries…Thanks! :slight_smile:

The feed was setup on the 25th February so it would only import items thereafter, the PayPal feed doesn’t go back and retrospectively import earlier transactions. What you’d need to do here is find out what the opening balance was the 25th February and enter this in the bank account settings, that will balance out your account.

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