PayPal - Pay After Delivery Description Incorrect

It’s great that the transactions pull in from PayPal with the company name, however, we use Pay after Delivery quite a bit, and I’ve noticed sometimes it pulls the company name, sometimes it pulls “Pay After Delivery”. I’m assuming this is the way PayPal presents it, but it just seems odd that it seems to keep changing, even with the same supplier.

For reference for QF Staff - look at transactions 27th Feb, and 12th Feb - both for the same company, but different descriptions

Pay After Delivery seems to be a new service they are trialing with certain customers.

We don’t yet have any filters setup to exclusively deal with this type of transaction so I will log this and recommend that that we formulate the description as we do with any other type of PayPal purchase.


@Parker1090 on that entry for the 27th when we look at the raw feed it shows “Scheduled for Mar 13, 2015”. Can you confirm that this has actually left your account? It may not be as simple as we originally anticipated.

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Hi @Glenn

If it’s showing as Scheduled for Mar 13, it won’t leave until that date (or roughly 2 days after).

It’s not a major issue, just makes life a bit simpler

Reformatting the description is simple, we will do that shortly. It’s just PayPal have some weird adjustments and counter adjustments which can lead to some confusion situations.

The worst is when they go back and change entries on their feed that we picked up 2 weeks ago, the only possible way to manage some of these scenarios is to poll every single feed entry on a rolling monthly basis which would consume massive amounts of resources.


Marking this as solved, as the required changes has now been implemented. Those items going forward that are “Pay after delivery” will appear much like regular purchases but with (PAD) in brackets.

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