PayPal payment creates new client record

Occasionally, a client pays a Quickfile invoice by PayPal. I have my PayPal Business Account linked to Quickfile.

The problem is that when they do so, Quickfile creates a new account for them, with their PayPal unique ID as the account reference.

I need a procedue that will prevent this from happening!

I’d like to resolve it so that the accounts can be merged and the payment will allocate to the existing account in future. Alternatively, a way the client should pay using PayPal to ensure the payment gets allocated against the exsting account.

The quick fix for this is to switch off automatic tagging in your PayPal settings.

Enabling or Disabling auto tagging

When auto-tagging is on QuickFile looks for an exact match on the client name and if found it will allocate the sale to that already present client record. As I say it’s “Exact Match” so even an apostrophe in the name can result in a new client being created, any subtle naming differences cannot be picked up.