PayPal payments in Merchant and Current Account

I have automatic feeds enabled for my Current account (Barclays) and my PayPal account. I would like to know how to tag payments I make to suppliers via PayPal.

When I use PayPal to pay a supplier, the it shows up in my Current account (as Money Out), and it also obviously shows up in my PayPal Merchant account as both a Money In (from the current account) and a Money Out.

How can I tag these properly so that they match up. I’ve tried tagging as a payment between accounts, but this just seems to create another entry :frowning:

Thanks for your help

That is the correct way to do it, then you just need to delete the untagged duplicate in the PayPal account.

Ok thanks, that’s good to know.

Is there any way to avoid the duplicates in the first place?

I’m afraid not, the PayPal feed can’t know how the charge is entered on your bank, different banks will list it in slightly different ways, so it can never be 100% certain that the bank entry and the paypal entry relate to the same thing.

Thanks Glenn, I thought as much.

Could you not however offer a suggested match when tagging individually, based on an exact match monetary value within a date range of a few days?

Thanks for your help!

It’s possible, but as you say it would need to check 3 days either side as they probably won’t appear on the same date in both PayPal and the bank. We can definitely look at this when we review the feed next.

It would be pretty useful. As mentioned, maybe just a helpful “Does this this payment match up with …” question when tagging, since it’s unlikely the dates will match exactly.

Thanks for looking into it! Again, love the service, and finding it very easy to use - even for a novice bookkeeper like me!

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I concur with this idea…

Last PayPal Supplier payment transaction dated on 28/01 and Bank transaction dated 30/01 so 2-3 days should nail it! As it stands it is only an irritation to delete one of the transactions, it would be neat to fix.

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