PayPal Refresh Feed not work?

The PayPal refresh feed does not seem to be working…
I have been using this for some time but recently the application returns a message
No new transactions found today
In some instances this is correct but it does not refresh the previous day’s transactions which I believe the app used to do. In particular, it appears to ignore
Transfer to Bank account

Can you please investigate?

Hi @gjwguk

Can I check what type of transactions it’s missing out - for example, are any of them e-cheque payments?

Regarding the bank transfers, this is a setting on your account, which you can change by going to More Options >> Feed Settings. There’s an option there to ignore bank transfers, which you can turn on/off as you wish.

My fault I believe. It was the Bank transfer that was missing and I have reset. I do apologise for wasting your time.

No problem! Would rather check these things out and be sure they’re working all ok :slight_smile:

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